Monday, June 2, 2008

Improving Reading Comprehension

This is a video that I found that incorporates technology in the classroom. It gives teaching tips on how to improve students' reading comprehension through the use of video clips on the comupter. This YouTube Video states over and over how important it is to make sure that students are interested in what they are learning. Through this video teachers gain great insight for a new website to use in their classroom. The speaker in the video goes step by step through the website and gives ideas and different options teachers can use to help improve reading comprehension. I have gone to the website from the YouTube video and played around with it to see how I would use it in my classroom. It seems like a really great idea if you have a specific subject in mind or area of interest. This would especially be great for older elementary, middle and even some high school students.


Lauren said...

I love this idea of using technology to help with reading comprehension. Not only are we helping with a skill that is a necessity but we are reaching out to all out different learners in the classroom. I hope I can try this out some day, depending on my availability to technology.

Anonymous said...

United Streaming is a wonderful resource. What I love about it is that I don't have to show an entire video. I can choose short "snippets" that help reinforce what I am teaching my kids. These attention grabbers engage the students in ways typical lectures can't.